Satellites and Launch Vehicles

Ananth has been part of every single Indian space program since 1998. Ananth meets the exacting quality standards of ISRO and is one of the largest contributor of sub systems to Indian satellites and launch vehicles.

Systems contributed by Ananth to the Indian space program include:

Satellite Systems

  • Telemetry & Telecommand
  • Power Management
  • Attitude & Orbital Control
  • Communications
  • Electro Optic Sensors
  • Payloads
  • Mechanisms and Integration

Launch Vehicles

  • Navigation, Guidance, Control
  • TTC & Power
  • Servo Controls
  • Stage Harnessing & Integration
  • Inertial Sensors

Harnessing & Integration

PSLV: Total integration

GSLV: L-40 (strap on) Nose cone:

  • Total electrical harnessing
  • Mechanical assembly of Electronic packages
  • Electrical testing of the sub assembly until final despatch to Acoustic test and to Launch Complex


  • Electrical Harnessing of Equipment bay of Chandrayan –II
  • S-200(strapon) Nose cone and Base shroud