Satellite AIT

Ananth’s Satellites’ Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) facility is being readied for launch in January 2020. Located at the Aerospace Park in Devanhalli, Bangalore this facility will cater to satellites up to 2,000 kgs. With four bays, the facility is equipped to handle as many satellites simultaneously.

Ananth’s AIT facility supports complete assembly and integration of all the satellite systems and conduct of integrated spacecraft tests. It enables end-to-end capability to realise spacecrafts from entry of a structure to exit of the completely assembled and tested satellite. Ananth can, upon customer’s request, work with ISRO on all formal and technical aspects to have this completed satellite launched by the ISRO’s launch vehicle.

Ananth's AIT Facilities
System Level Realisation
Environmental Facilities
Ananth's AIT Facilities
  • Subsystems Realisation
  • Electronic Fabrication Facility
  • Mechanical Fabrication Facility
  • Metrological Lab
  • Inspection and Test Facilities For Sub-Systems
System Level Realisation
  • Payload Preparation and Testing Area
  • Zero ‘g’ Facility for Solar Array
  • S/C Alignment Systems
  • Thermal Systems Fabrication and Testing
  • Harness Fabrication and Test Facilities
Environmental Facilities
  • Thermovac Chambers
  • Vibration Shakers
  • Humidity Chambers
  • Thermal Cycling

Key Features at AIT

  • World Class Satellites AIT of around 100,000 sq.ft with extensive facilities
  • Manpower that is trained and certified for International space standards
  • Supports upto 450 kg class satellite with environmental testing and 2,000 kg class for complete assembly and integration
  • Flexible layout to enable facility customization for customer’s requirements