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GIS Consulting & Implementation
Experts at Ananth do the planning, and also generate the tools and procedures required to meet the delivery expectations for implementing an effective GIS, taking the time to develop a plan that meets your business needs.

GIS Planning, Deployment, Maintenance & Support
Ananth extends a range of Geospatial Services to help you efficiently develop and manage your geographical Information Systems (GIS) and related requirements. Ananth services are based on years of experience in GIS consulting and data conversion and geospatial information technology (IT) photogrammetric mapping
The experience, and technological expertise, adds value to our services from planning to deployment, maintenance and support.
Ananth offers high quality data conversion, migration and end-user application development. Our data conversion services are based on proven standards and tools. Our comprehensive range of GIS implementation services include development of the technology that drives your data and makes it available for optimum use.
Database Development - Conversion or Migration
Ananth data management professionals provide an efficient design for your GIS and help you access the critical data that aids decision-making. In the development of a comprehensive GIS, accuracy and completeness of the resident data is perhaps the most critical factor.

Data Hosting
Ananth offers custom data hosting services to support your engineering and operations data collection, maintenance and reporting needs - an efficient and a cost-effective solution.

Geospatial Products
Ananth uses its experience, intellect and technology for modern geospatial data management problems resulting in a variety of world-class solutions for

E-Land Administration
Geospatial Interoperability via the Web: Supporting Land Administration
Evaluation and Monitoring of Annually Changes in Rural Cadastral Map with use of Geographical Information System Techniques
Land Records Management System
Design and Implementation of LRS
Web Enabled Real Time GIS Based Land Information System GIS Project
Geospatial IT Services
Ananth through its dedicated IT team offers total solutions for geospatial data management challenges.

Expanding geospatial Horizons
Advancing aerial imaging and data management capabilities have provided new opportunities for Ananth. We have reorganized our geospatial team around an expanded set of vertical markets. The new structure is intended to further our mission of providing superior quality photogrammetric products, GIS consulting, implementation services, and advanced software applications for geospatial data management.

Geographical Information System (GIS) for
Multi-attribute decisions
Query shells for decision support systems
Hazard mitigation information systems
Dynamic interactive digital map services
Development of National, State and district level market guides
Constituency development index
Economic and development oriented information systems
Multi-thematic integration
Land/water use decisions
Rational development planning options
Environmental impact assessment
Watershed management
Watershed prioritization
Training etc
Computer Aided Drafting and Designing (CADD) for
Data conversion
Digital maps preparation meeting the specified standards and 3D / 2D designing
Image Processing for
Digital classification
Virtual GIS
DEM creation
Data conversion
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